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A Heartfelt Thanks from Choral Club of San Diego

First and foremost, we hope all our members, supporters, and volunteers, as well as their families and loved ones, are well and staying safe at this difficult time.

For over eighty years, the Choral Club of San Diego has been San Diego’s oldest continuously-running women’s chorus, originally established in 1939. CCSD is dedicated to promoting public appreciation of choral and vocal music, delighting its audiences through private and public performances, providing an outlet for women who love to sing, and supporting young talent through its scholarship program. Our motto is “Stylish, sophisticated and fun!”

This year we were forced to suspend Choral Club operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the hope that we would resume when life began to return to normal. It’s become increasingly clear that normal may never return, and we cannot resume rehearsals and performances at any time in the foreseeable future.

For these reasons and to insure the safety and health of our members, audiences, and volunteers, the Choral Club of San Diego has, with profound sadness, decided to disband permanently.

We want to express our sincere thanks to all the CCSD members who sang with us, performed with us, laughed with us, and supported each other and the CCSD mission.

We also want to thank our audiences, supporters, and volunteers who provided us with a platform to perform and generously supported us with their time and money.

We will miss you. Please stay stylish, sophisticated and fun, and keep on singing.

Maggie Taylor

Chair of the Board, Choral Club of San Diego