Alina Nuno and Laura Morrell


Choral Club of San Diego

Choral Club of San Diego is driven by its member volunteers: Fun-loving, women who love to sing and enjoy giving back to the community.

Music Director
Kyle Adam Blair

We welcome talented, dedicated women who love to sing, who want to contribute to the community. Choral Club sings a repertoire focusing on upbeat pop, jazz, and standards in fun, interesting arrangements.


Audition Requirements

Choral Club of San Diego has two (2) choruses made up of talented women singers.

The Club Singers is our large ensemble, focusing on upbeat, mid-century-to-modern pop music in fun, interesting arrangements. We have two annual seasons, Spring and Fall/Holiday. We rehearse Monday nights between 7 and 8:45pm at Wesley Palms retirement community in Pacific Beach. Each season includes at least twelve (12) weeks of rehearsals followed by a month of approximately 10 performances. Additional performances can come up any time during the year. There is no membership cap-all singers are welcome.

CLICK HERE for complete audition requirements for the Club Singers.

Mink Pack
Audition Requirements

The Mink Pack is Choral Club’s year-round small ensemble. Mink Pack music is entirely secular focusing on Mid-Century-to-modern popular songs with an upbeat, hip vibe in 3- 4- and 5 part arrangements. The ensemble rehearses weekly for 10 weeks in the summer (June-early August), with monthly refresher rehearsals October-April. The group performs up to 18 concerts intermittently August – October and January – April. Mink Pack participation is capped at seven (7) singers and the process is competitive.

CLICK HERE for complete audition requirements for the Mink Pack.