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For Prospective and New Members

What is Choral Club of San Diego?

Choral Club of San Diego (“CCSD”) is a women’s choral group that performs a variety of music including classical pieces, show tunes, standards, spirituals and modern pieces. We sing in parts (1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano, 1st Alto and 2nd Alto). We have a Fall/Holiday performance season and a Spring performance season. We spend the first 14 weeks of each season learning and rehearsing our music. We then perform our concert at upscale retirement homes, luncheons, dinners, and events as well as at an end-of-season concert event. We use the money we raise to award scholarships to promising voice students.

How do I join?

At the beginning of each season, any woman interested in joining CCSD is invited to come to the to one of the first rehearsals. Our Music Director will ask you to sing a few bars of a simple song in order to evaluate your voice and place you in the proper Soprano or Alto group.

What is the required time commitment?

We rehearse every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. Attendance at rehearsal is important, not only to learn the music but so that we learn to blend and sing together as a group. Thus, we ask each member to arrive at rehearsal on time and to avoid absences. During “sing-out” season (usually a 3 to 4 week period), we will perform 8 to 10 concerts, which are scheduled on weeknights or weekend days. We ask members not to schedule any vacations during the “sing-out” season and urge members to participate in all performances.

How will I learn the music and my part?

It is not required that you read music. You can use the sheet music to follow the notes up and down. At the beginning of each season, you will be given a rehearsal CD that contains your part. You can practice at home with the CD and your sheet music. Please remember, however, that practicing with the CD is not a substitute for attending rehearsal! Our Music Director does go over parts at the rehearsals. The best way to learn your music is to come to rehearsal every week. Finally, you are not required to memorize your music. We will have notebooks to sing from at performances.

What happens at rehearsals?

We start rehearsals with exercises to warm up our voices, and then start working on our music. At the start of each season, when we are just learning the music, we spend a good part of each rehearsal working on each song; toward the end of our season, we will be able to run through our entire program at rehearsal. We make every effort to make the music perfect, and although that is sometimes hard to do, we do get very close. Please do not be shy about asking questions at rehearsal. If you have concerns about the quality of the singing at rehearsals, please do not try to correct others; instead, let the Music Director know so she can provide the group with any necessary corrections. Finally, for the comfort of all at rehearsals, please refrain from using strongly scented herbs, perfumes, etc.

Are there opportunities for solos?

Yes. There are solos within the chosen music for which you may try out. The Music Director will decide who will sing which solo. You are welcome to try out for any solo, regardless of your voice section, as long as your voice range supports the solo part. Also, it is possible to sing an individual solo, apart from the group. If there are too many requests for those, we will have auditions and the Music Director will choose which solos can be performed.

What is the cost?

Member dues are $50 per season. There is also a $30 refundable deposit on sheet music. You will not be permitted to take your sheet music home until you submit your deposit. Deposits wil be returned at when you return your music at the end of the season, or it can be rolled over from season to season.

Is it just about the music?

No, we are a volunteer and social organization as well. All members should plan on taking on one or more tasks to help keep CCSD running and successful. We have member potlucks and other group events so we can get to know each other.

Is it fun?

Absolutely. Our members sing with us because they love making music. Rehearsal are instructional and energizing and include plenty of banter!

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Lisa Merrill at membership@choralclubofsd.org or feel free to talk with anyone at rehearsal.