Mink Pack 2015

Meet the Mink Pack

After years of having to turn down performance invitations in the summer and other times out of our traditional performance season, Choral Club of San Diego now has an alternative.  Meet the Mink Pack, Choral Club’s flying group.

The Mink Pack was envisioned as a small, nimble sub-group reminiscent of a more woman-friendly ‘Rat Pack.’ The Mink Pack will perform a repertoire of classics and standards from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and 60s, with a few modern classics and twists.

The inaugural Mink Pack includes Alina Nuno (Soprano/2nd Soprano), Jean Davis (2nd Soprano/Alto), Barbara Bass (Alto) and Caron Andregg (2nd Alto). The group is directed by CCSD Assistant Music Director and multi-talented Soprano Laura Morrell.

The Mink Pack is available year-round for concerts, parties, and specialty performances. Contact us for information about booking a Mink Pack performance for your private or corporate function.